Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last call for james robert

the stocks were hung with wall street like flair
while the stench of occupation filled much of the air
in d.c., the dog and pony show played
as social security braced for a non-partisan raid

in mid-eastern places they were dropping like flies
between damascus and tehran and all of their lies
in europe was a mood of the utmost thanks
in no small part to bernanke's world banks

the u.n. and epa taxed more oil, gas and coal
with income distribution a most certain goal
holder and his doj were lying like rugs
which one must expect when dealing with thugs

the unvetted usurper; organizer-in-chief
continues to prove he is 99% thief
with best buddies like trumka, soros, etal
he can hardly wait for the country to fall

so while we can, raise a glass to him on high
for the truth is wounded and may soon die
so while we can, let's honor the day of his birth
from boston to london to hong kong to perth

soon hillary, barry the aclu and more
may tell this season's story as never before
soon we may hear that allah is the reason
for this time of the year; this merry season


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