Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence james robert

Red, white and blue is everywhere,
as the sounds of freedom fill the air.
Many and varied olfactory thrills,
from fireworks to the celebrants' grills.

A most special day in America's year,
held by many to be most dear.
Another chapter in this great story,
as again is raised our grand Old Glory.

Freedom's challenges have always been great,
and certainly gaining momentum of late.
Each generation must join freedom's fight,
as Her enemies try to make wrong seem right.

Thanks to those who have fought the good fight;
especially those now gone from our sight.
Thanks to all who have paved the way,
and given us reason to celebrate this day.

Freedom's challenges may have to wait,
for today as a country we celebrate.
We'll take a break from our usual grinds,
as freedom's thoughts occupy our minds.

If this is to remain the home of the brave,
then hold your ground, 'tho they rant and rave.
If this is to continue as the land of the free,
then it's up to you and it's up to me!

Fourth of July, james robert

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