Monday, June 13, 2011

Judge james robert

Be careful of them
blessed with knowing so much;
that would be your judge,
jury and such.

Walk not behind
those that surely do know;
for they too may be lost,
with even farther to go.

Maybe, just maybe
they don't see 20/20.
That their sight is as yours,
is at least even money.

Seek your own counsel.
Verily, I say forsooth.
Stay clear of others,
that know all of God's truths.

Be true to yourself;
each day and all night.
They may be quite wrong,
while shouting, "I'm Right."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

you and james robert

i walked
i dreamed
i stopped
i knew
i began to count
i got stuck at two

i whispered
i spoke
i laughed
i cried
i wanted to tell you
i couldn't; i lied

you came
you looked
you smiled
you knew
you saw right through me
you always do

you shared
you loved
you gave
you cared
you opened the door
you were prepared

i learned
you taught
you sold
i bought
i wanted it all
you asked for naught

you came
i went
you saved
i spent
i borrowed
you lent

i learned at last
you already knew
you spoke of love
i learned that too
you gave to me
i now give to you

james robert...june 7, 2011