Thursday, May 12, 2011

remember when...

remember when...
i loved you gladly
and loved you madly
and when we were apart,
i knew the meaning of sadly?

remember when...
you touched me lightly
and held me tightly
and when we were apart,
you called and texted me nightly?

remember when...
i washed and massaged your body
and fed and challenged your mind
and with every chance i was given,
gave you everything that was mine?

remember when...
you said,"you're my man"
and you held my hand
and when we were alone,
showed me places where you weren't tan?

remember when...
we unplugged the phone
and eat quiet meals at home
and Masters and Johnson,
thought we were in the zone?

remember when...
we would laugh and cry
and look each other in the eye
and swear if we ever parted,
we would both surely die?

james robert
September 20, 2010