Sunday, March 6, 2011

When all else james robert

It's been so wrong
for so so long.
Would it be so wrong
to just say so long?

When evil and lies
become the common form,
Where do you and I
seek shelter from the norm?

It's been so crooked
and it's been so dark.
Should we pair up again
with Noah and his Ark?

When anger and hatred
are the status quo,
would mankind be better served,
by Larry, Curly and Moe?

It's been so distorted
using smoke and mirrors.
Do you not see it with your eyes?
Do you not hear it with your ears?

When the mess that we've made
becomes clear to you and me,
aught we not get in touch
with that man from Galilee?
8 minutes ago


  1. This is a wonderful poem. I hope to see more poems from you soon. Your my favorite poet in the whole world.

  2. Barbara and Jonie. Thank you and God bless you.