Sunday, February 13, 2011

Would james robert

Would ja still love me
if I ate crackers in bed,
and started wearing a hat
where once was hair on my head?

Would ja still call me your main squeeze,
and seldom call me late for brunch?
I'd like to think you would,
but it may be just a hunch.

Would you always think of me,
as your lover and best friend;
if it took a small pup tent
to cover my west end?

Would ja think any less of me,
if I didn't have a dime,
and for reaching my true potential,
it was more than way past time?

As we approach Valentine's Day,
these are things a guy must know.
If you're looking for perfection,
then I think you'd better go!

Oh yeah, it's your apartment. Never mind!
Happy Valentine's Day...