Sunday, January 2, 2011

So what else is james robert

when the same old same old
is wearing you down
when your face knows not smiles
but it sure knows a frown

when you're up to your waist
in hungry alligators
and the water is filling
your new flood proof waders

when if not for bad news
you'd have none at all
and you're quite sure
someone else dropped the ball

when emotional vertigo
is gaining on you fast
and your present is trumped
by too much of your past

when you Google the word loser
and there's a picture of you
in a dunce cap in the corner
playing an out of tune kazoo

when for giggles and laughs
you're reading War and Peace
and the sun's rising in the west
and setting in the east

when your get up and go
has all but gone
and some schmuck has purloined
the pink flamingo from your lawn

when the world has forgotten
the words to your song
and it's becoming apparent
that you no longer belong

welcome to the race
where all of us stumble
where it's human to err
it helps keep us humble

welcome to a life
that's both good and bad
where it's totally up to us
to be happy or sad

welcome to this gift
that throws us to and fro
to a power greater than all
may we all let go