Wednesday, November 9, 2011 james robert

maybe a log cabin in the woods
embraced by huge evergreen trees
in the foothills at the harbor
high above calm blue seas

maybe a fire in the hearth
a good book in your hands
reading poems to a lover
yet making no demands

maybe a moonlit walk
on a path well known
near a place in your heart
that you've always called home

maybe a star studded
or moon lit sky
or a sunset for the ages
to a westward looking eye

maybe this and more
maybe all of the above
maybe these are some reasons
for a word called love

11/9/ james robert

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i pray for Lori james robert

i pray that He'll heal you
as good as new
and quickly and gently
is my prayer too

i pray that your days
are not too much to bear
and you never forget
many others do care

i pray that He'll keep you
far away from the pain
and allow you to dance
in a late summer's rain

i pray that your nights
are quiet and fast
and that this will soon
be all in the past

i pray that He'll guide you
through all the rough seas
and the ship, Lori Lynn
will soon sail with ease

July 19, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Red, white and blue is everywhere,
and the sounds of freedom fill the air.
Many and varied olfactory thrills,
from fireworks to the celebrant's grills.

A most special day in America's year,
held by many to be most dear.
Another chapter in this great story,
as again is raised our grand Old Glory.

Freedom's challenges have always been great,
and seemingly gaining momentum of late.
Each generation must join freedom's fight,
as Her enemies try to make wrong seem right.

Thanks to those who have fought the good fight;
especially those now gone from our sight.
Thanks to all who have paved the way,
and given us a reason to celebrate this day.

The enemies of freedom may have to wait,
for today as a country we celebrate.
We'll take a break from our usual grinds,
as freedom's thoughts occupy our minds.

If this is to remain the home of the brave,
then hold your ground 'tho they rant and rave.
If this is to continue as the land of the free,
then it's up to you and it's up to me!

Fourth of July, james robert

Monday, June 13, 2011

Judge james robert

Be careful of them
blessed with knowing so much;
that would be your judge,
jury and such.

Walk not behind
those that surely do know;
for they too may be lost,
with even farther to go.

Maybe, just maybe
they don't see 20/20.
That their sight is as yours,
is at least even money.

Seek your own counsel.
Verily, I say forsooth.
Stay clear of others,
that know all of God's truths.

Be true to yourself;
each day and all night.
They may be quite wrong,
while shouting, "I'm Right."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

you and james robert

i walked
i dreamed
i stopped
i knew
i began to count
i got stuck at two

i whispered
i spoke
i laughed
i cried
i wanted to tell you
i couldn't; i lied

you came
you looked
you smiled
you knew
you saw right through me
you always do

you shared
you loved
you gave
you cared
you opened the door
you were prepared

i learned
you taught
you sold
i bought
i wanted it all
you asked for naught

you came
i went
you saved
i spent
i borrowed
you lent

i learned at last
you already knew
you spoke of love
i learned that too
you gave to me
i now give to you

james robert...june 7, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

remember when...

remember when...
i loved you gladly
and loved you madly
and when we were apart,
i knew the meaning of sadly?

remember when...
you touched me lightly
and held me tightly
and when we were apart,
you called and texted me nightly?

remember when...
i washed and massaged your body
and fed and challenged your mind
and with every chance i was given,
gave you everything that was mine?

remember when...
you said,"you're my man"
and you held my hand
and when we were alone,
showed me places where you weren't tan?

remember when...
we unplugged the phone
and eat quiet meals at home
and Masters and Johnson,
thought we were in the zone?

remember when...
we would laugh and cry
and look each other in the eye
and swear if we ever parted,
we would both surely die?

james robert
September 20, 2010

Monday, March 14, 2011

i met a james robert

I met a man
on the road too few take.
He said listen my son,
for Heaven's sake.

The truth was given you long ago.
None alive today did actually hear it.
Many lies are told loudly each day,
in an attempt to defeat your spirit.

The lies told again and again,
can begin to seem in stone etched.
Thence Satan may have you believing,
my promises to you are far fetched.

I met the Man
on the path less taken.
He said, doubt me not,
and you'll be not forsaken.
20 minutes ago

Sunday, March 6, 2011

When all else james robert

It's been so wrong
for so so long.
Would it be so wrong
to just say so long?

When evil and lies
become the common form,
Where do you and I
seek shelter from the norm?

It's been so crooked
and it's been so dark.
Should we pair up again
with Noah and the Ark?

When anger and hatred
are the status quo,
would mankind be better served,
with Curly, Larry and Moe?

It's been so distorted
using smoke and mirrors.
Do you not see it with your eyes?
Do you not hear it with your ears?

When the mess that we've made
becomes clear to you and me,
aught we not get in touch
with that man from Galilee?
8 minutes ago

Monday, February 14, 2011

That day again, james robert

it was high noon on valentine's day
and all through the house
there wasn't much astirring
save maybe a mouse

oh, i had loves aplenty
for most of my years
but i ran faster than they
with a case of the "fears"

i was looking for something
only i could give
in the self-love arena
i leaked like a sieve 

mother teresa herself
would have been at a loss
if we had gone acourtin
she would've took to the sauce

oh hell, i had my moments
maybe more than my share
i loved not wisely nor too well
when i dared to venture there

if it is better to have loved and lost
than to never have loved at all
than i am here to tell everyone
that it was well worth the fall

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Would james robert

Would ja still love me
if I ate crackers in bed,
and started wearing a hat
where once was hair on my head?

Would ja still call me your main squeeze,
and seldom call me late for brunch?
I'd like to think you would,
but it may be just a hunch.

Would you always think of me,
as your lover and best friend;
if it took a small pup tent
to cover my west end?

Would ja think any less of me,
if I didn't have a dime,
and for reaching my true potential,
it was more than way past time?

As we approach Valentine's Day,
these are things a guy must know.
If you're looking for perfection,
then I think you'd better go!

Oh yeah, it's your apartment. Never mind!
Happy Valentine's Day...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 james robert

he sits on a park bench
just drinking his cheap wine
from a bottle in a paper bag
"no thanks" he says,"i'm doin fine"

he wasn't always like this
used to be a lot like you
with a mortgage and a wife;
two kids and a Subaru

he lies beneath the bridge
in a bed of others trash
wondering when he lost his tooth
and where he got this rash

he had a great, well paying job
and he had always worked so hard
on weekends he would relax or party
and manicure his yard

he eats at the soup kitchen
and begs for change on Broadway or Main
he bathes in public restrooms
dulled by wine to ease the pain

he had always been a pillar
he had seldom missed a beat
now his heart and spirit broken
he's on every downtown's street

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let's not go james robert

They're altering Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
To lovers of truth, this is a grave, grave sin.
Do we venture back in time and edit books as we please?
Do we rewrite the past with such great ease?

Rewriting fiction may change our lives not;
to hear Lady Macbeth say,"out darned spot".
Maybe the movies would lose no charm,
with Marilyn Monroe starring in, Some Like It Warm.

Would Mark Twain be turning in his grave,
witnessing again the politically correct slave?
Would the man that wrote, "To thine own self be true",
be turning also, if he only knew?

Are we not venturing down a slippery slope,
where we lose one more battle in lies versus hope.
If this is allowed, cannot more be lost?
Can they delete all or part of the Holocaust?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

So what else is james robert

when the same old same old
is wearing you down
when your face knows not smiles
but it sure knows a frown

when you're up to your waist
in hungry alligators
and the water is filling
your new flood proof waders

when if not for bad news
you'd have none at all
and you're quite sure
someone else dropped the ball

when emotional vertigo
is gaining on you fast
and your present is trumped
by too much of your past

when you Google the word loser
and there's a picture of you
in a dunce cap in the corner
playing an out of tune kazoo

when for giggles and laughs
you're reading War and Peace
and the sun's rising in the west
and setting in the east

when your get up and go
has all but gone
and some schmuck has purloined
the pink flamingo from your lawn

when the world has forgotten
the words to your song
and it's becoming apparent
that you no longer belong

welcome to the race
where all of us stumble
where it's human to err
it helps keep us humble

welcome to a life
that's both good and bad
where it's totally up to us
to be happy or sad

welcome to this gift
that throws us to and fro
to a power greater than all
may we all let go