Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Twelve Nights Of Christmas... by james robert

On the first night of Christmas,
I was given a Christmas tree.
It was huge and beautifully decorated,
just like you'd want it to be.

On the second night of Christmas,
I was given coins of gold.
They were so rare and beautiful.
What a sight to behold.

On the third night of Christmas,
I was given a pile of cash;
crisp one hundred dollar bills,
man did I have a stash.

On the fourth night of Christmas,
I was given a BMW 7-Series Bimmer.
Boy oh boy, this car could fly.
This was no Stanley Steamer.

On the fifth night of Christmas,
I was given diamonds galore.
I stayed awake until quite late,
hoping to find a few more.

On the sixth night of Christmas,
I removed the lowest branches of the tree.
I hoped to make a bit more room,
for more and more gifts for me.

On the seventh night of Christmas,
as it was getting late,
I thought, this is all I'm getting,
after such a lengthy wait?

On the eighth night of Christmas,
I said, forget all this Christmas fluff.
Just gimme, gimme, gimme,
where's all my Christmas stuff?

On the ninth night of Christmas,
I knew things weren't right.
I had received many great gifts,
and yet, I was so uptight.

On the tenth night of Christmas,
I had lost all my Christmas glee.
Was there a deeper meaning to this,
beside just me, me, me?

On the eleventh night of Christmas,
I prayed my eyes might see.
I knew that Christmas had to mean,
more than presents under a tree.

By the twelfth night of Christmas,
I had my old thoughts on the run.
Christmas wasn't about material gifts,
it was about the birth of the Father's Son!

Merry Christmas To All...From Jim Johnson (3717, #223)


  1. Wonderful write! There's too much gimme, gimme, gimme in this world today! :)