Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sanity james robert

Every year about this time,
Congress attempts to pass this bill.
Oh how I wish it hadn't made,
it's way to Capital Hill.

I perused the new legislation,
just passed this very night.
It was a most contentious battle,
between the left and right.

All the areas of disagreement,
were ironed out in conference committee.
That the matter was taken up at all,
is in itself the greatest pity.

After the House and Senate,
agreed to this bill without precedent,
it was sent to the White House,
to be signed by the current resident.

The President called a press conference,
at which there was no applause.
It was then announced to all,
this year, there would be no "Sanity Clause".


  1. No Sanity Clause? Oh no! What will we do? :))

  2. Very good poem and makes the reader think what is going to be like in a next year for instance...

    Thank you, Z..:)