Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Few Politically Incorrect Thoughts... by james robert

The chasm is a million miles wide,
and expanding each and every day.
The left and right slug it out,
and surely someone has to pay!

Many say "Kumbaya,
can't we all just get along.
While they toss The Pledge,
God, and that National Anthem song!

Our educators are protecting kid's rights,
so they may abort or get some ass.
While we make nice with insane radical Islam,
because our cars still run on gas!

They want to take from the rich,
and make permanent slaves of the poor.
The billions already spent solved little,
save the desire for more and more!

The architect of this great universe,
never promised cradle to grave free lunch.
Though I fear this message wasn't received,
by many of the ruling bunch!

I'll take my government,
without so much of the "New Deal".
I don't want seatbelt laws, helmet laws,
or food police, and where's my "Happy Meal"?


  1. You are so right! Too many frivolous laws, money for the rich, nothing for the poor of any real consequence. Big joke!