Friday, December 10, 2010

Economics james robert

I'm not saying that it shouldn't be.
I'm just saying that I care.
When an athlete gets a zillion dollar contract,
I lose a bit of my hair.

I know that it's simply supply and demand.
They get what the market will bear.
Too many are dumb as a box of Fig Newtons.
This just seems so doggone unfair.

The player's pay is fast approaching,
the GDP of a third world state.
This, for throwing or catching a ball.
Somehow, I just can't relate.

I know that this won't be changing soon.
This is what's paid for these kinds of skills.
Dad, mom and the 2 kids can go to a game,
or pay their monthly bills!


  1. I've always thought athlete pay is outrageous! How do they figure those huge amounts! Jeesh!

  2. The deep pockets of the owners of these sports teams fuel the customer's demand for sports entertainment and WINNING!