Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christ is in Christmas

I gazed out the window,
At nature's mantle of white;
Arriving as if on cue.
With thoughts of childhood's toys,
And yesteryear's joys,
Conspiring to adjust my view.

I longed for that spirit
Known in my youth;
Feelings of awe and good cheer.
Then as if from above
Came Faith, Hope and Love.
Surely the Light was near.

Christmas is family and sharing.
It's Santa and elves.
It's presents under a tree.
But our Savior's birth is the reason,
He lent his name to this season;
To fill willing hearts with glee.

Merry Christmas from Jim Johnson (3717, #223)


  1. "So let your heart be filled with glee."
    Yes indeed :-)
    Lovely poem, thanks!

  2. Thanks Barbara. Merry Christmas! :=)