Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's james robert

i wish you fair breezes
and each season's delights
with sunlit days
and starlit nights

i wish you good health
to enjoy life's pleasures
and the comfort of friends
for they are life's treasures

i wish you peace of mind
and a heart that is light
to be productive each day
and then sleep through each night

i wish you find time
for what most lights your fire
and become not a stranger
to your heart's most desire

i wish you most of all
many blessings from above
and if you get but one
i pray that it's love

Happy New Year and God bless you

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christ is in Christmas

I gazed out the window,
At nature's mantle of white;
Arriving as if on cue.
With thoughts of childhood's toys,
And yesteryear's joys,
Conspiring to adjust my view.

I longed for that spirit
Known in my youth;
Feelings of awe and good cheer.
Then as if from above
Came Faith, Hope and Love.
Surely the Light was near.

Christmas is family and sharing.
It's Santa and elves.
It's presents under a tree.
But our Savior's birth is the reason,
He lent his name to this season;
To fill willing hearts with glee.

Merry Christmas from Jim Johnson (3717, #223)

Monday, December 13, 2010

The One Day Only james robert

Tis the season of giving.
Buy one; get four free.
Hey, what if I only want two,
how much is it going to cost me?

Buy all you want.
No payments til you're 50.
Well if I pass by age 49,
than the purchase was truly thrifty.

Our most popular unit,
is $695 out the door.
But if you buy in the next 5 minutes,
for free, you'll get three more.

There's free financing during our sale,
so just go to Helen Waite.
She's our new credit manager.
For best selection, don't be late.

Of course, there's never a charge,
for restocking, handling or shipping.
But if you want the last one in stock,
you may have to resort to tipping.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Economics james robert

I'm not saying that it shouldn't be legal.
I'm just saying that I care.
When an athlete gets a zillion dollar contract,
I always lose a bit of my hair.

I know that it's simply supply and demand.
They get what the market will bear.
Too many are dumb as a box of Fig Newtons.
This just seems so damned unfair.

The player's pay is fast approaching,
the GDP of a third world state.
This you get for throwing or catching a ball.
Somehow, I just can't relate.

I know that this won't be changing soon.
This is what's paid for these kinds of skills.
Dad, mom and the 2 kids can go to a game,
or pay their monthly utility bills!

Thursday, December 9, 2010 james robert

During this, the greatest holiday season of the year,
I resign myself to treat all of my brothers and sisters,
with the utmost love and respect.

Of course, this does not include
alarmists, abortionists, anarchists,
arse kissers, bad priests, brown nosers,
cheaters, communists, evil doers in general,
liars, many politicians ( including some Presidents ),
radical Islamists, Sister Mary Bernice, terrorists,
traitors, people who drink, tailgate,
or text while driving a motor vehicle,...

On second thought, I just resign!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At times we act just like james robert

At times we tend to get tired.
Sometimes we even feel beaten.
Sometimes we even feel hungry;
at times even though we've just eaten.

At times we tend to get sad.
Sometimes we even get crazy.
Sometimes we even shut down;
at times even though we're not lazy.

At times we tend to doubt.
Sometimes we even despair.
Sometimes we even hurt others;
at times even though we still care.

At times we tend to err.
Sometimes we even act mad.
Sometimes we even find reward;
at times even though we are bad.

At times we tend to act human.
Sometimes we even fall down.
Sometimes we even act lost;
at times even though we are found.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Few Politically Incorrect Thoughts... by james robert

The chasm is a million miles wide,
and expanding each and every day.
The left and right slug it out,
and surely someone has to pay!

Many say "Kumbaya,
can't we all just get along.
While they toss The Pledge,
God, and that National Anthem song!

Our educators are protecting kid's rights,
so they may abort or get some ass.
While we make nice with insane radical Islam,
because our cars still run on gas!

They want to take from the rich,
and make permanent slaves of the poor.
The billions already spent solved little,
save the desire for more and more!

The architect of this great universe,
never promised cradle to grave free lunch.
Though I fear this message wasn't received,
by many of the ruling bunch!

I'll take my government,
without so much of the "New Deal".
I don't want seatbelt laws, helmet laws,
or food police, and where's my "Happy Meal"?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sanity james robert

Every year about this time,
Congress attempts to pass this bill.
Oh how I wish it hadn't made,
it's way to Capital Hill.

I perused the new legislation,
just passed this very night.
It was a most contentious battle,
between the left and right.

All the areas of disagreement,
were ironed out in conference committee.
That the matter was taken up at all,
is in itself the greatest pity.

After the House and Senate,
agreed to this bill without precedent,
it was sent to the White House,
to be signed by the current resident.

The President called a press conference,
at which there was no applause.
It was then announced to all,
this year, there would be no "Sanity Clause".

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Twelve Nights Of Christmas... by james robert

On the first night of Christmas,
I was given a beautiful Christmas tree.
It was huge and sparkled with decorations,
and delivered directly to me.

On the second night of Christmas,
I was given many coins of gold.
They were pure and rare and beautiful.
What a splendid sight to behold.

On the third night of Christmas,
I was given piles of cash;
crisp one hundred dollar bills,
man oh man, I really had a stash.

On the fourth night of Christmas,
I was given a new seven series beemer.
Boy oh boy, this car could fly.
This was no Stanley Steamer.

On the fifth night of Christmas,
I was given diamonds galore.
I stayed awake until quite late,
hoping to get a few more.

On the sixth night of Christmas,
I removed the lower branches of the tree.
I hoped to make a bit more room,
for more and more gifts for me.

By the seventh night of Christmas,
as it was starting to get late,
I thought, this is all I'm getting,
after such a lengthy wait?

By the eighth night of Christmas,
I said, forget all this Christmas fluff.
Just gimme, gimme, gimme,
where's all my Christmas stuff?

By the ninth  night of Christmas,
I knew that things weren't right.
I had received so many great riches,
and yet something still made me uptight.

By the tenth night of Christmas,
I had lost all my Christmas glee.
Was there another meaning to this,
beside just me, me, me?

By the eleventh night of Christmas,
I prayed that I might truly see.
I knew that Christmas had to mean,
more than presents and a tree.

By the twelfth night of Christmas,
I had my selfish thoughts on the run.
Christmas wasn't about material gifts,
it was about the birth of the Father's Son.

On the twelfth night of Christmas,
at long last, I had gotten it right.
Christmas was about family, giving,
and the birth of Jesus that night!