Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dream Lover...by james robert

I've touched your lips a thousand times;
maybe more, it seems.
I've been held in love's sweet caress,
but only in my dreams.

I've seen the sunrise from the shore,
while holding you in my arms.
I know the feel of your every season,
and the promise of your charms.

Maybe I'm just one of love's fools;
as in dream after dream I host.
Maybe this is the cruelest joke,
and love truly is a ghost.

Maybe I've been kidding  myself.
When awake, I'm never sure.
'Tho night after night, your words and deeds,
have been perfectly loving and pure.

I guess I'll lie down to sleep; to dream,
and pray that you'll stop by again.
You've been here with me most every night,
since I can't remember when.

"Oh hello darling. I'm sorry I doubted us.
You know I always come back around.
Let's dance in the heavens with every last star,
and never, ever, come back down."

Fall of 2010/james robert


  1. Dear James,your poem is beautiful!
    I feel, if you were just writing to me...
    Wonder if every woman feels the same reading your poetry, or it is just me...Smiles...:)

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Very beautiful write! Love it! :)