Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Junk Man james robert

The man of the cloth
was afraid to fly;
in the U S of A,
in the now unfriendly sky.

Many young children
who sang in the choir;
no longer flew,
they had no desire.

The entire Taylor family,
for whom the town was founded,
now opted for terra firma.
They chose to stay grounded.

It wasn't the altitude
that troubled the monk.
It was the TSA agents,
handling his "junk".

It wasn't the extra $50,
the choir was charged for their trunk.
It was the federal government,
taking a picture of their "junk".

The Taylors didn't mind the old metal detectors,
or removing their shoes.
But they feared a picture of the family "junk"
might make the six o'clock news.

So we now have the Taylors, 
the choir, and a reluctant monk,
all aboard a Greyhound bus,
in order to protect their "junk".


  1. Only you take take something bad going on in the world, tell it like it is, put a twist on it and make me walk away smiling.

  2. Well said Kimberly!
    A touch of humor where one wouldn't normally think it humorous. Only you, Jim, could pull it off! :)