Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Junk Man james robert

The man of the cloth
was afraid to fly;
in the U S of A,
in the now unfriendly sky.

Many young children
who sang in the choir;
no longer flew,
they had no desire.

The entire Taylor family,
for whom the town was founded,
now opted for terra firma.
They chose to stay grounded.

It wasn't the altitude
that troubled the monk.
It was the TSA agents,
handling his "junk".

It wasn't the extra $50,
the choir was charged for their trunk.
It was the federal government,
taking a picture of their "junk".

The Taylors didn't mind the old metal detectors,
or removing their shoes.
But they feared a picture of the family "junk"
might make the six o'clock news.

So we now have the Taylors, 
the choir, and a reluctant monk,
all aboard a Greyhound bus,
in order to protect their "junk".

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 james robert

sometimes i need you a little
sometimes i need you a lot
sometimes i'm a little warm
sometimes i'm red hot

sometimes i want to fly with you
sometimes i just want to lie with you
sometimes i get by with you
sometimes i me oh my with you

sometimes i miss your mind
sometimes i miss your heart
sometimes i miss your body
sometimes i miss your art

sometimes i ache and i cry with you
sometimes i hide a wet eye from you
sometimes i live and i die with you
sometimes i really get high from you

sometimes i'm sadly in love with you
sometimes i'm really hurtin
sometimes i'm madly in love with you
sometimes i'm quite certain

sometimes i really long for you
sometimes i sing my song for you
sometimes i think i'd do wrong for you
sometimes i think i belong with you

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fiscal Incomprehensibility

A couple trillion here.
A couple trillion there.
Yet many still want more.
Who's watching the store;
Yogi the bear?

Spending late and early.
All sides are getting surly.
I'm getting quite unnerved.
Would we be better served,
By Larry, Moe and Curly?

The days are a lot less sunny,
Since we've spent the kid's money.
We've done it all with ease.
Now I'm learning to speak Chinese.
Please pass the hemlock, honey!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fiscal Insanity!

Life's getting insaner and insaner,
the grayer and grayer I get.
I fear the earth may be hell bound,
and likely to get there yet.

The lies are getting thicker and slicker,
and too many think that is fine.
When the words, "free lunch", are mentioned,
too many say,"I'll have lobster with mine".

We've been living on borrowed money and time,
and we need to go on a strict fiscal diet.
Yet too many say, "if you don't touch mine,
I might be willing to try it"!

come fly with me

by james robert

dance with me now
'neath love's starry sky
take both of my hands
as together we fly

time stands still
'til morn is decreed
in your loving arms
is my only need

may heaven bless
where lovers meet
that these two hearts
as one now beat

i ache to know;
your feel, your taste
come hither darling
let's no time waste

feel my warmth
to you imbue
where now is one
where once was two

let's visit places
to us unknown
as wonderful madness
becomes our home

let's never leave
for there's no reason
love's music sustains
our every season

let's stay ever
to seize love's chance
let's not forsake
love's moon lit dance

Saturday, November 13, 2010

night james robert

in my night dreams
you're always there
to kiss me
to love me
to tell me you care

as night turns into day
chasing stars away
and commerce bustles
and children play
you're never  home
you're always away
as if for my sins
i now must pay

then again
when night is here
i'm lost in love
and know not fear
for these few hours
we'll be as one
and hold each other
'til we see the sun

Summer/Fall 2010

Let' james robert


watch sunrises and sunsets
in season after season
surprise each other
for no special reason

never walk past each other
without a touch or a kiss
toss the," got ya,
and you're going to pay " list

be free to laugh and cry
and share all things together
go for long walks
in all of life's weather

watch Casablanca
and stay up late
dress up or dress down
and go on a date

find a blessing
in everything we do
many times each day,
say " I love you "

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are you there? james robert

i know not where
or how to begin,
to tell you
how much i care

there's isn't time
in a day or a life,
for all that with you
i would share

know in your mind,
heart and soul,
that i will
always be there

give me your hand,
as i give you mine,
and walk with me
if you dare

i know in my heart
you're out there darling,
i need only know where

Summer/Fall 2010

My james robert

oh how i ache to hold you near
in summer and winter of every year
in love abundant, with no fear

i think of you and i can fly
i dream of us and ask not why
to you i give, land, sea, and sky

let's then walk thru city and wood
in familiar and foreign neighborhood
with love that's pure, brave and good

to meet your need, i will always try
for you to breathe, here take the sky
you have my heart, my soul, my eye

oh darling, i hope you understand
my love i give with no demand
you have my heart, please take my hand

my love, my darling, don't you see
let us forever and one day be
just us two, you and me

Autumn,2010...james robert

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dream james robert

I've touched your lips a thousand times;
maybe more, it seems.
I've been held in love's sweet caress,
but only in my dreams.

I've seen the sunrise from the shore,
while holding you in my arms.
I know the feel of your every season,
and the promise of your charms.

Maybe I'm just one of love's fools;
as in dream after dream I host.
Maybe this is the cruelest joke,
and love truly is a ghost.

Maybe I've been kidding  myself.
When awake, I'm never sure.
'Tho night after night, your words and deeds,
have been perfectly loving and pure.

I guess I'll lie down to sleep; to dream,
and pray that you'll stop by again.
You've been here with me most every night,
since I can't remember when.

"Oh hello darling. I'm sorry I doubted us.
You know I always come back around.
Let's dance in the heavens with every last star,
and never, ever, come back down."

Fall of 2010/james robert

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Journey

When you're down to nothing,
God's up to something.
Stop making a fuss,
and get on the bus!

When you days are darkest,
and your nights too long,
you know the melody,
start singing along!

When all you know for certain,
is that you're really hurting.
You needn't cry alone in the rain.
Just get aboard the train!

When your pity parties,
are lasting all day,
He's there with help,
so get out of your own way!

When you're heading for a fall,
and ready to chuck it all.
When all you see is pain,
take your seat on the plane!

There's many ways to get there.
Don't be in such a hurry.
Just keep in mind the destination.
You are not alone on your journey!