Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Summer james robert

summer is here
the days we all hold dear
enjoy a quiet picnic
with an ice cold beer

summer is great
all winter we wait
enjoy it early
and enjoy it late

summer is hot
in most every spot
of course in anarctica
it's actually not

summer is nice
for many a vice
where's that sexy lady
that went to get the ice

summer is a gas
but goes by too fast
everyone in the pool
this isn't going to last

summer is dear
lend me an ear
get up; get going
get off your rear

summer is a ball
come one; come all
let's party outside
right into fall

summer is too short
so better be a sport
have lots of fun
but remember to comport

summer is for all
skinny or fat: short or tall
c'mon batter
swing at the ball

summer is not for pikers
but it is for bikers
look at that harley chick
i really, really like her's

summer is just like life
lose the strife
grab a dance partner
maybe even your wife

summer is number one
go for a walk or a run
it's your life
get out there and have some fun

james robert
summer 2010

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