Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rose Ball

by james robert
I received an invitation
to Rose's birthday ball.
It said RSVP, wear a mask,
but otherwise bring nothing at all.

Well, it was a first for me,
but I certainly wanted to play ball.
So I left my clothes in the men's room,
and entered the birthday hall.

Wearing my Mickey Mouse mask,
otherwise just in the all together,
I was wishing I'd worn something else,
maybe something with at least a feather.

There were princes and paupers
and kings and queens,
all wearing at least,
a shirt and jeans.

There was Batman and Robin
and all the Disney dogs,
and then yours truly,
sans any togs.

Some revelers sported political masks
of Nixon, Johnson, Carter and Bush.
But I was the only party goer,
that also sported his tush.

Well, I'd had quite enough.
I wanted to get out of here;
I with a hand in front,
and I with a hand on rear.

I climbed out one of the bathroom windows;
racing like the wind thru that huge backyard.
Vowing this would be my last birthday bash,
next year I'll just send her a card.
james robert
September 25, 2010

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