Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the poet

by james robert

this is our blood
these are our tears
this is a product
of so many years

these are our dreams
maybe our fears
seen through our eyes
heard through our ears

we write of beauty
we write of woe
we stand here naked
we will away not go

we may tell our tale
with a perfect rhyme
or simply scribe
with thoughts sublime

we are a hero
or we are a zero
Joe Shyte the rag man
or maybe Nero

we risk so much
laying all on the line
sometimes we fail
at times we do fine

we are people
of every blush
painting our truth
with poet's brush

we can make you laugh
or say my oh my
make you want to dance
or just make you cry

we say verily
and we say forsooth
maybe a white lie
or is it the truth

we are entertainers
just people of action
most nearly in heaven
with a rave reaction

james robert
august 30, 2010

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