Friday, October 29, 2010

Introducing the 2011 james robert

Ladies and gents
This is no amoeba
We proudly introduce
The 2011 Bathsheba

This year's model
Isn't for the wimps with no balls
With 1200 horse power
This mother hauls

It'll do zero to eighty
While you're still looking for your keys
Then coasts at 150
So kids, buckle up please

It's trimmed in Asian Walnut
And fine Corinthian Leather
Extremely aerodynamic
And light as a feather

Forget stopping at the gas station
If you want to keep this baby purrin
It doesn't run on gasoline
It only runs on urine

So when Johnny is screaming
And holding his wee
Just pull over folks
Let the kid pee

If you're running on empty
And no one has to go
Stop at Murphy's Pub
Must be someone there you know

The Bathsheba comes standard
With a modest rock stage
And with the fully staffed beverage center
This unit is all the rage

I know, you thinking
Wow, this is really, really great
But with all these fine amenities,
There must be at least a two year wait

Well, you would be wrong, high octane breath
C'mon down, the test ride is free
And if the tank's on empty,
Worry not, someone's always got to pee

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