Friday, October 29, 2010

i wrote a james robert

i wrote you a love poem
in words that were my own
if only you could have read it
to know my heart's your home

it told of love most pure
love honest and strong
it spoke only the truth
enveloped in loving song

it shared moments precious
as only one in love can tell
since i got lost in your eyes 
and into heaven fell 

it spoke in words of love
words straight from my heart
it said in words that lovers use
that loving you is art

i hope you would have loved
my words of joy and pain
that spoke only of my love
and sought naught else to gain

i pray you would have smiled
or maybe you would have cried
as you read of love that heaven sent
and of loneliness that died

i wish you had bathed 
in the love i sent your way
i've never waxed more lovingly
as i love you more each day

oh how i wish you had read
the poem i wrote today
but as i ran to deliver it 
a fierce wind blew it away

'tho now my words of love to you
are to the ends of the earth scattered
each time the wind whispers your name
you'll know how much you mattered


  1. "each time the wind whispers your'll know how much you mattered....
    Now I have stepped out of the eye of the storm and have been taken away. A TRUE love poem..penned by jamesrobert.
    From my scale:
    5 = Brilliant
    4 = Good
    3 = It'll work
    2 = Whacked
    1 = Absolutely not

    My review is # 5 on the poll! Brilliant......

  2. Dear Friend, your poem speaks of love, so beautiful...:)

    Thank you for the joyful poem,I adore.

    PS: Signed to follow your blog, Zuzanna

  3. Beautiful write, Jim!! Wow! A woman's dream poem! :)