Sunday, November 14, 2010

come fly with me

by james robert

dance with me now
'neath love's starry sky
take both of my hands
as together we fly

time stands still
'til morn is decreed
in your loving arms
is my only need

may heaven bless
where lovers meet
that these two hearts
as one now beat

i ache to know;
your feel, your taste
come hither darling
let's no time waste

feel my warmth
to you imbue
where now is one
where once was two

let's visit places
to us unknown
as wonderful madness
becomes our home

let's never leave
for there's no reason
love's music sustains
our every season

let's stay ever
to seize love's chance
let's not forsake
love's moon lit dance


  1. Wow! I've been single for 13 years -- by choice! While reading this, I'm toying with rethinking that choice! ;)