Wednesday, January 12, 2011 james robert

he sits on a park bench
drinking his cheap wine
from a bottle in a paper bag
"no thanks" he says,"i'm fine"

he wasn't always like this
used to be a lot like you
with a mortgage and a wife;
two kids and a Subaru

he lies beneath the bridge
in a bed of others trash
wondering when he lost his tooth
and where he got this rash

he had a great, well paying job
he had always worked so hard
on weekends he would relax or party
and manicure his yard

he eats at the soup kitchen
and begs for change on Broadway or Main
he bathes in public restrooms
dulled by wine to ease the pain

he had always been a pillar
he had seldom missed a beat
now his heart and spirit broken
he's on every downtown's street


  1. Oh, Jim! This portrays the homeless and down-trodden so very well! It is so sad that there is such a problem in our "rich" country!