Friday, October 29, 2010

Bethany's Appliance james robert

no need for a gamey shirt
to be sportin
or thrice worn nickers
while you're doin some courtin
a broken washer is a major pity
welcome neighbor; to appliance city

washer broke?
dryer broke?
stove broke?
you broke?
we don't care
they're headed to Bethany's from everywhere

we have every major brand
most with scratches and dents
we're open 24/7
so hurry in ladies and gents

no money, we don't care
no job, we don't care
no credit, we don't care
can't sign the loan paperwork,
whoa default breath, we care

our crack staff
will get ya financed on the spot
we need to move the inventory,
this stuff is really hot

at Bethany's we never charge for delivery
so there you'll save a buck
it's delivered in the middle of the night
in a '56 chevy truck

just inside our huge warehouse,
you'll see the giant portrait of our C.E.O. and founder
he's currently doin 5 to 10
the Feds got em when he started to flounder

we've been servin the metro area now
since a week ago last sunday
we pride ourselves on customer service
well, except for those folks on monday

hurry down to appliance city
sears and roebuck, we're not
our friendly staff is always cool
and our merchandise always hot

dedicated to Bethany, fall, 2010

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