Friday, October 29, 2010

arrivederci james robert

repression found expression
and locked the inmates down
with fiddles playing gaily
as rome burns to the ground

it's a prescription for exodus
to quash the written word
as it would be to mother nature
taking the wings from a bird

seems the beatings will continue
'til morale gets back in line
sounds really dumb to me
but i say,"okay fine"

with this my 300th post
and last one at that
i think you've made it easy
for me to get my hat

i wish only the best
to all of my friends here
to net 300 poems
has taken half a year

i now take my leave
and get me from hence
as soon as my bags are packed
i'll thence be past tense

james robert/Leslie Moorly
October 27, 2010
My 300th and last post on hellopoetry

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