Saturday, July 14, 2018

An attitude of james robert

Thanks for the earth, moon and stars.
Thanks for chocolate and ice cream bars.
Thanks for the rising and setting sun.
Thanks for family and thanks for fun.

Thanks a bit less for a crocodile.
Thanks much more for a child's smile.
Thanks a ton for random acts of kindness.
Thanks much less for willful blindness.

Thanks for the rivers, lakes and seas.
Thanks for a cool Lake Michigan breeze.
Thanks for the seasons; one and all.
Thanks for favorites, as I love Fall.

Thanks for the questioners, who ask why.
Thanks for the optimists, who give it a try.
Thanks for the mixer; thanks for the bowl .
Thanks for the donut and thanks the hole!

Thanks for all that I've been given.
Thanks to all, that I've met living.
Thanks for more than an empty purse.
Thanks to the Creator of the universe. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 james robert

Though we've drifted far
from the Founders' ideal,
when Old Glory is raised,
is it not still a thrill?

If you care not much,
for Patriotism's zest,
in a land where your free,
do what you think is best.

They don't crawl thru tunnels,
to make their way into Hell,
but I believe they do it,
to discover Liberty's Bell.

We are far from perfect,
in this nation of laws.
We have humans in charge,
so for certain there's flaws.

For this grand experiment,
to remain strong and free;
it's up to you,
and it's up to me!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015 james robert

if i wrote a million words
they would all be the same
they would all speak to you
they would echo your name

if i said what was in my heart,
in my mind, and in my soul;
i would only say i love you
and your happiness my goal

if i lived one hundred years
and was deemed earthly poor
your love would make me rich
and i'd hunger never more

if i had but one grand wish
to pin upon a shooting star
i wouldn't change a thing
for i love you as you are

September 23, 2015


 james robert

eternal you
eternal me
eternal love

September, 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015 james robert

We may not know we're broken,
until we've been repaired.
We may not know we're brave,
until we admit we're scared.

We may not know we're lonely,
until love has set us right.
We may not know we're saved,
until darkness turns to light.

Sept. 18, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

such is james robert

it follows no rules
it knows no bounds
its power unique
so often astounds

it comes unannounced
asserting its will
but if so chosen
you'll know then its thrill

its domain ubiquitous
voiced in poem and song
it spares not the weak
nor the strong

at times it appears
like a thief in the night
to capture your heart
turn darkness to light

September 15, 2015